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Do you know how many online gambling sites there are on the web? We’d be surprised if you do. In fact, we’d be surprised if ANYONE does. There are thousands of them, and we very much doubt that anyone’s ever bothered to count them all.

It would be a pointless exercise, anyway, as the number just keeps on growing. It’s over 20 years now since the first gambling sites started appearing, and there are still new ones being launched all the time.


As keen gamblers, we love the fact that we have so many options for where to play and bet. It does create a problem though – especially for those who are new to online gambling. How exactly are you supposed to decide which of the many sites to use?

One solution is to simply pick a site at random, but that’s not a very scientific approach. And there’s a chance you might end up joining a site that’s completely wrong for you. Or, even worse, one that can’t be trusted.

A better approach is to read our gambling site reviews. Unlike many other reviews that you’ll find online, ours are actually genuine and not glorified adverts. We don’t simply write about how wonderful a site is; we provide a balanced view of exactly what they have to offer. We look at the negative aspects as well the positives, and we go into a LOT of detail.

You’ll find a full list of our current reviews below. Further down the page we’ve provided more information about our reviews and how we produce them. There’s also some advice on choosing the right gambling site for you, and some advice on gambling online in general.

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About Our Reviews

How long do you think it takes to write a review of a gambling site? One hour? Two hours? More?

It actually takes LESS time. There are tons of gambling site reviews on the web and we’d wager that most of them were put together in a half hour. If that. Unsurprisingly, this means they’re not very good.

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of gambling site reviews are essentially useless. They typically just provide some basic information, most of which can easily be found at the gambling site itself.

Even worse, this information is often out of date. We see loads of reviews that were clearly written AGES ago, and have never been updated to reflect any changes. That doesn’t really help anyone, does it?

There’ll usually be a big spiel about how amazing a site is, too, and maybe even a short list of reasons why you should sign up. Because that’s the whole purpose of these reviews. They’re not produced to provide you with any useful information, but simply to convince you to sign up and make a deposit.

That’s what we meant earlier when we used the phrases “glorified adverts”. That’s all that most gambling site reviews are in our opinion. They’re simply put together as quickly as possible to make a few bucks.

Our reviews are different. VERY different. You’ll discover this for yourself as soon as you read one, but let’s explain why anyway. Below you’ll find information on all of the following.

  • What We Write About
  • Types of Sports Betting
  • Who Writes Our Reviews
  • Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

The Review Process

The whole purpose of GamblingSites.com is provide our readers with all the information they could possibly want about gambling. We’re especially committed to helping you find the best sites to bet and play at, which is why we make sure our reviews tell you everything that you need to know.

We’re actually very proud of our reviews. A lot of time and effort goes into them and we truly believe that we’re providing a useful service for online gamblers. We go WAY beyond telling you the basics that are easy to find out anyway. We help you to understand exactly what’s on offer, and what kind of overall experience you can expect.

The process for producing such high-quality reviews is a lengthy one. Here’s a quick overview of how we go about things.

Initial Research

The initial research we carry out is relatively straightforward. We look at things like how long a site has been around, where they’re based and who owns them. We also check whether they hold the appropriate gambling licenses, and which authority has issued those licenses.

A key part of this step is assessing the track record of a site. Although our reviews are based primarily on our own experiences of using sites, it’s also important for us to establish what kind of reputation they have among the online gambling community as a whole. This is something we’ll usually mention in our reviews, even it conflicts with what we’ve found for ourselves.

Open an Account

Our reviews are obviously aimed at people who are looking to sign up at gambling sites. It’s therefore entirely logical that we cover the process for opening an account. This requires us to go through the process ourselves, so that’s exactly what we do.

The main points we look to note at this stage are what details are required and how easy (or not!) the whole process is.

Check Key Details

Once we have an active account at a site, we then start investigating the basic details that we know our readers will want to know. These include details such as what methods can be used for making deposits, what sign-up bonuses are available, whether there’s a mobile app and all kinds of other things.

This is usually a straightforward step, as most of this information is easy to find. We sometimes have to dig a little deeper to get everything we need though.


With a funded account we then set about doing some gambling. Most sites these days offer several different types of gambling, so we make sure we try them all. This stage of the process gives us real insight into what a site is like to actually use.

Please note that the RESULTS of our gambling rarely have any influence on our reviews. We’re not going to give a site a glowing review just because we happened to win, or a terrible review because we happened to lose. It’s the overall experience we want to tell you about, not whether we made a silly bet that lost or got lucky in the casino

There are some exceptions to this point, however. If we have reason to believe that we’ve got bad results due to an unfair game, for example, then we’re obviously going to mention that. Thankfully this is not something that happens very often.

Make a Deposit

It’s this step and the subsequent ones that really make the difference to the quality and depth of our reviews.

We’re pretty sure that a lot of reviews are written by people who have never even used the sites they’re supposed to be reviewing, which is why they’re often so basic. We, on the other hand, make sure that we test the sites we review extensively.

We need a funded account to do this, so this step is essential. It also enables us to explain how the deposit process works within our reviews. This is something most people want to know, and we use this opportunity to check for any “hidden” deposit fees that weren’t made obvious previously.

Make a Withdrawal

We always request at least one withdrawal from a site when reviewing it, and usually more than that. As with making a deposit, this enables us to explain how the process works and check what fees apply (if any).

It also enables us to see how long withdrawals take to be processed and sent to us. This is VERY important information, for obvious reasons, and it’s especially relevant when reviewing US friendly gambling sites.

Processing online gambling transactions is a real challenge in the United States, so withdrawals can often take a long time. People need to know this before signing up.

Contact Customer Support

The final step we take before getting to work on writing a review is to contact customer support. We often have a few queries that we want answers to, and it also allows us to assess the quality of the support we receive. We check what options are available for getting in touch, too.

With this step complete, we then move on to actually writing the review. Now let’s a take a look at what details we include.

Review Contents

There are two primary goals we try to achieve with our reviews. The first is to make sure you know all the relevant facts about a gambling site and what they have to offer. The second is to give you our opinion on how good a site is. Pretty much everything we include is therefore related to one or both of these points.

We start each review with a brief overview, along with some of the most important details you’ll want to know and a couple of other things. Here’s the full list of what you’ll find the first section of all our reviews.

The process for producing such high-quality reviews is a lengthy one. Here’s a quick overview of how we go about things.

  • Welcome Bonus
    Most gamblers want to know what kind of signup bonus is available, so we include this information right at the start.
  • Average Cashout Time
    As we mentioned earlier, this is an important issue for gamblers in certain regions. So this information comes at the start too.
  • Site Overview
    This is usually three or four introductory paragraphs about the relevant site. The idea is just to give you an initial view of what the site is all about.
  • Screenshots
    We include a few screenshots so that you can see for certain aspects of a gambling site for yourself before signing up.
  • Key Information
    We provide a list of key information such as when the website was launched, where it’s based and what gambling licenses it holds.
  • Hits & Misses
    This is a quick list of the main positives of a site, and the main negatives too.
  • Deposit Methods
    We list all of the available banking options that can be used to make a deposit at a site.

Sports Betting

There’s no doubt that betting online is the easiest way to place your sports wagers these days. It’s so much more convenient than visiting a land-based sportsbook or bookmaking shop, and there are several other advantages too.

However, that’s only really true if the gambling site you’re using actually functions as it should. It’s easy enough for a site to provide an online sports betting service, but it’s not so easy to provide a GOOD service.

There are several factors that affect how good an online betting service is, and we include details of them all in our reviews. The following are among the most important.

  • Quality of Betting Platform

    The overall quality of the betting platform is extremely important. It affects how easy it is to find the betting markets you’re interested in and place your chosen wagers.

  • Betting Markets Available

    We detail which sports a site covers, and how extensively they cover the relevant leagues, tournaments events.

  • Range of Betting Options

    A wide range of betting options provides more opportunities for finding good wagers to place. We list the various types of wager that are available for the different betting markets.

  • Stake Limits

    This information is important for a lot of bettors. We list the minimum and maximum stakes for wagers, which often vary for different sports.

  • Additional Features

    We explain all about any additional features that a site might offer, such as live betting, live streaming or early cash out.


If you’ve visited many land-based casinos, you’ll know that their overall standard can vary quite dramatically. There are some venues that you’d happily visit time and again, and some that you’d never want to step foot in again.

It’s the same online. Some online casinos are excellent, and do everything they can to provide their customers with an enjoyable experience. Others are level or two below, while some are just awful.

We make sure that our reviews tell you exactly what you can expect from your online gaming experience. The key points we cover are as follows.

  • Game Selection

    It’s important to know what games are available, so we provide full details of what’s on offer in this respect.

  • Quality of Software

    Most online casino software is pretty good these days, but that’s not ALWAYS the case.

  • Software Providers

    A lot of online casino players have their preferred software providers, so we list all the providers that an online casino uses.

  • Jackpots Available

    Big jackpots are always appealing, so we detail all of the major prizes available at an online casino.

  • Mobile Gaming Options

    Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular among online casino players. We explain what options (if any) are available, and offer our thoughts on the mobile experience.


The main points we cover in the poker section of reviews are as follows.

  • Quality of Platform/Software

    As with online casinos, the quality of the software used by online poker rooms can vary quite dramatically.

  • Poker Formats Available

    We list any poker formats that are available in addition to the standard Texas Hold’em.

  • Tournaments Available

    We provide full details of the main tournament schedule, and the different types of tournament that are available.

  • Range of Stakes

    We tell you what kind of stakes you can play for, at both cash games and tournaments.

  • Volume of Traffic

    We provide details of how many players there are at different times of the day, so you know how easy it is to get some action.

  • Standard of Opposition

    We give you some indication of the standard of players you’ll face.

Other Forms of Gambling

Sports betting, casino and poker are the most popular forms of online gambling. This is why our reviews tend to focus heavily on those. However, we also provide details of any other forms that are available too. These include the following.

For each form of gambling that’s available, we provide any information that we feel that are relevant. Many of these are similar to the ones we’ve outlined above.

For horse racing, for example, we provide details of what kind of races are covered and what betting options are available. For bingo, we provide details of what games are available and the quality of those games.

The Review Team

We firmly believe in the importance of making our reviews factually accurate. We therefore do our best to make sure that’s the case. However, the REAL value of our reviews is not in the facts that we provide. It’s in the opinion and insight that our team has to offer.

Reading a gambling site review is supposed to help you understand how good a site is, and whether it’s right for you. Facts alone are simply not enough not for this, which is why we make sure our reviews offer so much more.

And that’s only possible because we have such a good team.

Our team of reviewers are genuine experts in online gambling. They have decades of experience between them.

There would be very little point in us providing super detailed reviews that were written by people with limited knowledge about gambling online. They wouldn’t really benefit you at all.

The people writing our reviews REALLY know their stuff, though, so their opinions are actually worth something. If they say that they like a site, you can be pretty sure that you will too.

Our Review Policy

We talked earlier about how a lot of gambling site reviews are provided with the sole intention of making a few bucks. Do you know HOW the people writing these reviews make their money? They basically get paid by gambling sites to write positively and only say good things.

In our opinion, this makes a complete mockery of providing a review in the first place. If it’s been paid for, then it’s clearly not independent or unbiased.

We think that this kind of practice is bad for the online gambling industry as a whole, and most definitely bad for the customer. That’s why we have a very clear policy regarding our own reviews.

We NEVER accept payment for favorable reviews.

Do we write positive things in our reviews? Of course! Most of our reviews have at least some positive points to mention, and a few of them are almost entirely positive. The difference is that we write good reviews when sites actually DESERVE them. And we always mention the negative points, too.

Our reviews are based 100% on our own opinions. There are no outside influences at all, so we can legitimately claim to be independent and unbiased.

Our Advice For Gambling Online

Before we finish – and let you get on with reading our reviews – we have some more online gambling advice to offer you. We strongly recommend reading through this, especially if you’re relatively new to real money gambling on the internet.

The following tips will help ensure that you make the most out of your online gambling experience.

  • NEVER use unlicensed gambling sites
  • Sign up with more than one site
  • Take full advantage of bonuses and rewards
  • Experiment and try new things
  • Stick to a budget

There is absolutely no reason why you should ever risk signing up with an unlicensed site. There are plenty of sites that DO have the correct licenses, and most of them offer everything (and more) that the unlicensed sites do. With the added bonus that they’re actually subject to regulation, and not likely to rip you off.

Signing up with more than one site is not essential, but it is something we recommend. There’s very little benefit in using just one, but there are several advantages to using more.

If you bet on sports, for example, you can easily compare which site has the best odds and bet accordingly. If you play casino games, you’ll have a bigger selection of different games to choose from.

You’ll also be able to earn more bonuses and rewards. Taking full advantage of these is a piece of advice you should DEFINITELY follow, as it can make a big difference to how much value for money you get. It can even be the difference between losing.

Just make sure that you always read the terms and conditions of any bonuses you claim, and don’t always assume that the biggest bonuses are the best. You need to consider things like restrictions and wagering requirements, too.

Experimenting and trying new things is a good way to ensure that gambling stays fun. Again, this is not essential but merely something we suggest doing. What IS essential, however, is following the final tip on our list. Sticking to a budget is absolutely vital when gambling online, as failing to do so can lead to all sorts of problems.

Regardless of whether you’re a complete gambling beginner, or have years of experience, you should never forget or underestimate the importance of gambling responsibly.

Please take the time to read the following page, as it explains WHY it’s so important and provides some helpful advice for staying in control.

Follow the above tips and you should be able to have plenty of fun when gambling online. You may even win some money, if you’re lucky. If you want to get the most out of the experience, however, there’s a lot more you should learn. And you can learn it all right here at GamblingSites.com.

We’ve compiled a number of comprehensive gambling guides, each of which is packed full of useful information and advice. And, just like our reviews, they’ve been written by genuine experts.

We can’t promise that they’ll help you to win a fortune through gambling, but they’re definitely worth reading. Be sure to take a look!